Bicycle Safety

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GOHS provides funding to agencies throughout Arizona to promote bicycle safety, here are some of those programs:
Bicycle Programs:                                      

Bicyclist Fatalities - 2012 - 2016

Driver Behavior Modification/Keeping Bicyclists Safe:
It is the goal of GOHS to reduce injuries and fatalities on our public roads. Here are some ways our office is working to make Arizona a safer place to live, drive, walk and bicycle.

Bike Safety and Laws
According to Arizona State law, cyclists have the very same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Respect for the rights of ALL road users will help you feel good about yourself and avoid accidents too.

Most crashes between motorists and cyclists happen at intersections. Most often, when the motorist is at fault, it is because they failed to yield the right-of-way to the cyclist. This usually happens when you turn left in front of a cyclist, or pull out from a stop sign or driveway into a cyclist’s path.

Arizona Bicycle Laws

You may ride far enough from the road edge to stay clear of surface debris, potholes, rough pavement, drain grates, and pavement joints, as well as to avoid pedestrians, dogs, parked vehicles, and other objects.

You may occupy any part of a lane when your safety warrants it. Never compromise your safety for the convenience of a motorist behind you.

Laws for Bicycle Riders Only

Bicycle Safety Tips

Safe Bicycle Riding
Bicycles are considered vehicles, and bicyclists must obey the same rules as motorists. When riding, always

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