Pedestrian Safety

In an effort to improve safety conditions for all pedestrians throughout Arizona, GOHS places special emphasis on funding projects related to the enforcement of pedestrian safety laws, school-based pedestrian safety education programs and coalitions dedicated to comprehensive pedestrian safety programs.

Highway Safety Focus - October 2012 Issue

National Data

  • Pedestrian Deaths in 1997: 5,321
  • Pedestrian Deaths in 2010: 4,280 (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts)
  • Reduction in pedestrian deaths between 2001 and 2010: 13 percent
  • Pedestrian Injuries in 1997: 77,000
  • Pedestrian Injuries in 2010: 70,000 (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts)
  • Reduction in pedestrian injuries between 1997 and 2007: 9 percent
  • The total cost of pedestrian death and injury among children ages 14 and younger is $5.2 billion per year (Safe Kids Worldwide).   

Traffic Safety Facts 2010: Children
Traffic Safety Facts 2010: Older Population
Traffic Safety Facts 2010: Pedestrians 
State Data


Arizona Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Motorist/Pedestrian Share the Road Guide (2011 Edition)